EB XT 700/1000 WT

Chillers 69–92 kW

Pfannenberg introduced a new product series to extend our portfolio with a new extreme performance range up to 150 kW in cooling capacity. The EB eXTreme consists of 9 units in 3 different housing sizes following our high-level standards in efficiency, compact design and innovation in chiller technology.


protection system

water | water/glycol

microchannel technology

small hysteresis

extreme T conditions

large tank

RAL 7035

different RAL available

enhanced pump

service friendly

top EER / energy saving

laser applications

EC fan

Technical data

DataEB XT 700 WTEB XT 800 WTEB XT 900 WTEB XT 1000 WT
Rated voltage±1 %50 Hz AC
±10 %400 V 3~
Cooling capacity (with pump)W18/A3269 kW76 kW86 kW92 kW
Flow rate (pump)200 l/min233 l/min267 l/min300 l/min
Pump pressure3 bar
Ambient temperature+5 … +50 °C
Mediumwater, water/glycol
Medium temperature (outlet)+8 … +30 °C
Connections (medium)IG2" BSP
Dimensions (H x W x D)2030 x 830 x 1840 mm

Further technical details and dimensions can be found in the download section on this page under product sheet.


Description Language Type Size Download

Product Sheet

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Base plate

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Hydraulic Diagram 700 WT

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Hydraulic Diagram 800 WT

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Hydraulic Diagram 900 WT

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Hydraulic Diagram 1000 WT

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Performance curve 700 WT

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Performance curve 800 WT

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Performance curve 900 WT

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Performance curve 1000 WT

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Declaration of conformaty

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EAC Certificate

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Further documentation like datasheets, operating manual and CE declaration are available for download by entering the specific article number in our MANUALS web area. You can select an article number in the "Ordering details" section here below and then follow the link to the Manual Crawler.

Ordering details

Ordering detailsEB XT 700 WTEB XT 800 WTEB XT 900 WTEB XT 1000 WT
Article number42147005001421480050014214900500142151005001

Product Benefits

  1. 1

    Extreme cooling capacities

    extending our range of chillers up to new high cooling capacities.

  2. 2

    EC fans

    Variable speed control, EC motor technology, further increasing energy savings.

  3. 3

    Controller and sensor

    Controller system and digital display of temperature, pressure, tank level and status values.

  4. 4

    Microchannel tecnology

    Using microchannel heat exchangers (MCHX) for condenser coil design allows more efficient and compact solution.

  5. 5

    Cooling medium

    Water | water/glycol mixtures.

  6. 6

    Scroll compressor

    Lower noise level and 20% decreased power consumption than comparable piston compressors.

  7. 7

    Reduced emissions

    due to high efficiency refrigerant R410A.

  8. 8

    Electronic expansion valve

    Electronic expansion valve