Port and shipping industry.

Tankers, bulk carriers and container ships transport 90 % of all commercial goods from port to port. Both, on board and in the dockyards and terminals, our products help to get these goods shipped quickly and safely to their destinations around the globe.

At the heart of port logistics.

Without the reliable work of hydraulic cranes and container bridges, any port would grind to a halt. The electronic control systems must be protected against overheating, condensate and corrosion so that loading and unloading runs smoothly. The thermal management solutions of our εCOOL series does this while requiring minimum maintenance costs and providing maximum energy efficiency.

Visual and audible alarms signal loading capacities, warn of movements and give alerts about strong winds. At terminals, our lighting solutions ensure safe operation of automatic traffic guidance systems.

Safety on board.

Our signaling and alarm components are used on freighters, cruisers, navy ships, and on submarines. Visual and audible signaling devices are used here as well. In the machine room – they notify of gas leakages and in cabins – they trigger fire alarms.