Guaranteed performance.

Guaranteed performance assures system approval and prevents dangerous under-sizing and expensive over-sizing of the system.

Pfannenberg signalling devices are certified and approved as fire alarm notification appliances in compliance with European EN 54-3 and EN 54-23 requirements. For each device, Pfannenberg provides the dimensions for an acceptable output signal range that is needed to accurately plan visual and audible fire alarm systems.

The dimensions for height, width, and depth are used with the Pfannenberg 3D-Coverage approach to ensure adequate performance with respect to the requirements set forth in the fire alarm system codes and standards. This approach serves to eliminate two potential risks – system under-sizing and system over-sizing. Under-sized systems pose a safety risk since the output signal range is inadequate to meet code re-quirements. In addition, under-sized systems can be denied approval by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Over-sized systems may include more devices than are needed, resulting in in a system that costs more than necessary and is at risk of being rejected by the purchaser.

1. Through understanding the actual signal-ling range, it becomes possible to determine the number of devices needed for a defined room or area.
2. The signalling range also defines the effective coverage area, permitting determination of the maximum distance between devices.
3. Additionally, it is possible to determine the optimum device type and the appropriate performance class.

Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS) is available to assist with the 3D-Coverage approach. Available on-line, this utility helps system planners and specifiers accurately size fire alarm systems based on the true capability of the notification appliances with respect to the conditions within the environment in which they are to be used.

Understanding true effective coverage, as provided by the 3D-Coverage approach, leads to accurate alarm system sizing and confidence in final system approval by the AHJ – as well as assured safety to personnel. Since product marketing data is typically insufficient, this is only possible when actual performance capability is considered. Pfannenberg helps make this happen.