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We believe that our products increase the efficiency of battery energy storage systems.

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Why Thermal Management makes Battery Energy Storage more efficient

The challenge of battery heat generation

Thermal management is vital to achieving efficient, durable and safe operation. The choice of the correct solution is influenced by the C-rate, the rate at which level the battery is providing energy.

Higher C-Rate, more frequent cycling causes increased heat dissipation therefore an effective cooling concept is mandatory. Thermal stability is crucial for battery performance and durability - battery degradation and damage will bereduced and downtime minimized. Battery safety must be prioritized.

Battery lifetime could be increased

Research shows that an ambient temperature of about 20°C or slightly below is ideal for Lithium-Ion batteries. If a battery operates at 30°C instead of a more moderate lower room temperature, lifetime is reduced by 20 percent. At 40°C, the losses in lifetime can be near 40 percent and if batteries are charged and discharged at 45°C, the lifetime is only half of what can be expected if used at 20°C.

The right cooling has many advantages

The perfect fit of our existing portfolio

Depending on the application and C-rate, the available range of special Pfannenberg products start from Filter Fans for small applications ranging to Chiller´s liquid-cooling solutions for in-front-of-the-meter applications.

The Pfannenberg product portfolio is characterized by high energy efficiency, reliability, and robustness.

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