Mobile power generators

Mobile power generators are ideal for a wide range of applications in urban and remote areas.

Due to the increasing demand for energy storage in the rental market, mobile power generators are ideal for a wide range of applications in urban and remote areas where a temporary power supply is needed with ease of use, low noise emissions, and easy access for maintenance.

Mobile power generators are not only used on events, construction sites or temporary EV charging hubs, but are also implemented to support grid stability. Alongside traditional diesel generators, BESS technology now offers combined diesel-battery or full electric solutions that reduce fuel consumption, noise and carbon emissions. 

Liquid cooling for battery packs

Active water cooling is the best thermal management method to improve the battery pack performances. 
Our chillers can safely operate in cold and hot regions, between -25 and +50°C. Offer up to 800 V DC power supply to directly connect with the battery system with no need for power conversion; CE/UL certifications for wordlwide operations; high energy efficiency and reliability.

Air cooling for control panel

The natural convection through exhaust filters can be supported by an auxiliary cooling unit, activated only during the warmer months of the year. The auxiliary cooling units are used both to serve the battery pack and the electronic components of the control panel. 
Numerous other solutions are available within our range of products in the catalogue; others can be defined together according to the specific needs of your customers.

Fire protection

Storage systems with lithium-ion batteries are crucial to the clean energy of today and tomorrow but old or damaged battery cells can cause fires. Fast detection and estinguishing solutions are needed. We combine them with our beacons and sounders to ensure that the event is correctly reported.


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Chillers for Energy Storage

Pfannenberg liquid cooling solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

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