Chillers 3.5–6.5 kW
  • stand-alone chiller
  • fluid cooling with water or water/glycol mixtures
  • steel housing with thick powder coating
  • robust industry standard with preassembled eyebolts
  • reliable easy to read level indication
  • mounting on top of the enclosure is possible
  • integration of project-specific additional components is possible on request
  • separate cooling circuit and hydraulic circuit
  • equipped with a programmable control module that allows small hystereses of the temperature of the cooling medium

protection system

water | water/glycol

small hysteresis

RAL 7035

service friendly

Technical data

DataCCE 6401CCE 6501CCE 6601
Rated voltage±1 %AC 50/60 Hz
±10 %400 V 3~ / 460 V 3~
Cooling capacity (with pump)1W18/A323.5 kW5 kW6.5 kW
Flow rate (pump)217 l/min
Pump pressure2.6 bar
Ambient temperature+15 … +45 °C
Connections (medium)IG3/4" BSP
Noise level @ 50 Hz
according to EN ISO 3741
<62 dB(A)

¹ cooling capacity incl. power loss in the pump, refrigerant outlet temperature +18 °C, ambient temperature +32 °C

² performance data based on 50 Hz operation

Further technical details and dimensions can be found in the download section on this page under product sheet.


Description Type Size
CE Declaration - CCE 6101-6601-IT-EN-D_3.0.pdf pdf 110 KB Download
70040-089_01-A(Controller_Manual).pdf pdf 1.3 MB Download
70040-096_01-B(Controller_Manual).pdf pdf 3.8 MB Download
70040-096_01-_.pdf pdf 3.0 MB Download
70040-120_01-_-(CCE_Op._Manual_EN-DE-IT-ES-FR-RU).pdf pdf 2.7 MB Download
CHI_42130505005_1.0.pdf pdf 47 KB Download
DataSheet_42130355001_1.0.pdf pdf 46 KB Download
DataSheet_42130355002_2.0.pdf pdf 47 KB Download
DataSheet_42130355004_1.0.pdf pdf 47 KB Download
DataSheet_42130355005_1.0.pdf pdf 48 KB Download
DataSheet_42130355006_1.0.pdf pdf 47 KB Download
DataSheet_42130355007_1.0.pdf pdf 48 KB Download
DataSheet_42130505001_2.0.pdf pdf 31 KB Download
DataSheet_42130505002_2.0.pdf pdf 32 KB Download
DataSheet_42130505003_1.0.pdf pdf 47 KB Download
DataSheet_42130505004_1.0.pdf pdf 48 KB Download
DataSheet_42130505006_3.0.pdf pdf 48 KB Download
DataSheet_42130655001_2.0.pdf pdf 46 KB Download
DataSheet_42130655002_1.0.pdf pdf 47 KB Download
DataSheet_42130655003_1.0.pdf pdf 42 KB Download
DataSheet_42130655004_2.0.pdf pdf 48 KB Download
DataSheet_42130655005_1.0.pdf pdf 47 KB Download
DataSheet_42130655006_2.0.pdf pdf 48 KB Download
Description Language Type Size Download

Product sheet

  • English
pdf 280 KB Download

Description of standard configurations

  • English
pdf 73 KB Download

EAC Certificate

  • English
pdf 590 KB Download

Ordering details

Ordering detailsconfigurationCCE 6401CCE 6501CCE 6601
Article numberBasic421303550014213050500142130655001
Article numberH421303550024213050500242130655002
Article numberS421303550044213050500342130655003
Article numberHS421303550054213050500442130655004
Article numberSP421303550064213050500542130655005
Article numberHSP421303550074213050500642130655006

Spare parts

AccessoriesArticle number
20% Propyleneglycol pre-mix20 kg45783000123
20% Ethyleneglycol pre-mix20 kg45783000125

Product Benefits

  1. 1

    6 compact chiller models in two sizes

    Covering cooling capacities from 1.1 kW to 6.5 kW. All units are available with configuration packages designed for needs of industrial applications.

  2. 2

    Secure and simple handling

    4 preassembled eyebolts provide well defined lifting points for secure handling of the unit.

  3. 3

    Reliable easy to read tank level

    Improved level indication on the coolant tank.

  4. 4

    Constructed for easy maintenance

    Removable side and front panels and a well thought-out inner structure offer a full and quick access to internal components.

  5. 5

    Reduced maintenance costs and extended life time

    For use in polluted environment quick release filter mats and mounting frames are available.

  6. 6

    Various coolant applicable

    Water and water-glycol-mixtures can be used.

  7. 7

    Corrosion protection as standard

    Hydraulic circuit made with non-ferrous components.