DTS 8341E

Cooling unit 1500 W

DTS: for outer mounting on the door or side

  • Passed condensation test in extreme environment. The safety and reliability of the equipment can be guaranteed.
  • With independent temperature display and control system.
  • Optional pre-filter. Applicable in extremely dusty and oily environment.
  • Optional integrated condensate evaporation. Maintenance-free.
  • Light and slim design, compatible mounting cut-out with 7000 series.
  • Flexible supply voltage selection (230 V & 400 V).
  • 4 cooling capacities in one cut-out.

side mounting

tool-less filter mat changing

protection system

top EER / energy saving

large distance in /out

service friendly
DataDTS 8341E
Rated voltage ¹ ±10 %AC 50 Hz
400 V 2~230 V
Cooling capacity
according to EN 14511
A35/A351500 W
A35/A50900 W
Ambient temperature+15 … +55 °C / +59 … +131 °F
Degrees of protection
according to EN 60529
IP 54towards the electrical enclosure
if used as intended by the manufacturer
IP 34towards the surroundings
if used as intended by the manufacturer
Condensate managementCondensate drain;integrated condensate evaporation system with safety overflow
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Ordering detailsDTS 8341E
Rated voltage230 VArticle number13088390055
230 V CM*Article number13088390066
400 V 2~Article number13088391055
400 V 2~ CM*Article number13088391066