Highly Efficient – THE X-SERIES

A powerful, accurate and energy-efficient cooling unit.

Experience permanently low energy costs through adaptability, variable speed and optimised intelligent control.

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Perfection from scratch

As a leading manufacturer in the area of industrial thermal management, we provide a large range of cooling units. The Pfannenberg X-Series is our best solution in terms of energy efficiency. It is characterized by low energy costs due to its adaptability, variable speed and optimized intelligent control.

When we think of a new cooling solution, we plan it with great accuracy. Multi-Component in variable speed, intelligent control and elimination of interfering factors result in an accuracy of up to 0.1K.

The X-series automatically adapts to your application. So you always have the security of the right dimensioning. Connectivity is ensured by a standard Modbus interface for easy integration. This means that your cooling parameters are easily accessible and available for your individual control strategy.

The durability of the X series offers reliable performance even at high ambient temperatures. In order to ensure a long service life, we ensure less cleaning and thus make maintenance very easy.


Ready for all requirements

The X-Series combines the best of everything

Before implementing new products, each component goes through the toughest test under real conditions. These are just a few of the advantages in direct competition.

It pays off

Total Cost of Ownership

In a conversation with our experts, with real results from practice, learn how a sound overall concept will lower your operating costs in the long term. 

Unique features

  1. 1

    Simplified dimensioning

    Thanks to the highly efficient speed control, each device covers a wide performance range. This leads to a small variety of types and correspondingly high design reliability.

    (1) DTI 6X1E with a power range of 1,000–2,800 W.
    (2) DTI 6X2E with 2,000 to 4,500 W.

    The cooling capacity range of 1,000–4,500 W is covered with just 2 devices!

  2. 2

    Highly efficient BLDC technology

    Among other techniques, the innovative BLDC technology used results in the highest energy efficiency in the market.

  3. 3


    The communication interface "Modbus" to integrate the cooling unit into the existing machine control or in a cloud solution.

  4. 4

    XC controller

    The controller - specially developed for this series - makes communication between the cooling unit and machine control possible and also the integration into production processes.

  5. 5

    Long passage of air

    The large distance between the cold air outlet (bottom) and warm air inlet (top), has aerodynamically improved circulation of the electrical enclosure which prevents hot spots on especially stressed components.