Bypass solution for chillers in the food industry.

An Italian manufacturer of pasta making machines regularly complains of problems in the production process. Faulty pumps in the cooling system obstruct the flow of fresh water during pasta production.
This leads to downtime, additional repair, and substantial costs.

Application requirements.

Reliable flow of cooled fresh water for the pasta extruders, assurance of consistently fault-free functionality, the necessity of hydraulic bypasses, and a guarantee of reliability.

The Pfannenberg solution.

Analysis conducted with the client identifies the most suitable solution: The use of hydraulic bypasses. Type CC 6301 chillers, which are immediately available, are a standard option and exactly meet the specific requirements.

Special features of the chillers are:

  • Great variety of standard options; e.g. integrated hydraulic bypass, integrated flow switches, aluminium air filters etc.
  • Separate cooling and hydraulic circuits.
  • Optimum long-term stability through the use of high-quality components.
  • Liquid cooling with water, water/glycol mixtures and low-viscosity oils.
  • Programmable control module enabling small hysteresis of the cooling medium temperature.
  • Steel housing with thick powder coating.


A total of 14 CC 6301 chillers with integrated hydraulic bypass were installed. The robust stand-alone units are UL certified and guarantee maximum machine availability and maximum MTTF*. Standardised components and a sophisticated plug&play concept also minimise repair costs and downtimes. Bypass solution for chillers in the food industry.

*MTTF: Mean Time To Failure.

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