Reliable operation of a severely soiled packaging system.

The production area of a company producing high-quality construction and insulation materials from wood fibre experiences recurrent system failures and operating downtimes. The severe soiling from wood dust and rust particles from dieselpowered fork lift trucks and lorries overpowers the thermal management solution using conventional point-of-entry filters and top-mounted fans and makes it necessary to retool the switching system.

Application requirement.

Smooth-running production operation and reliable machine availability despite severe air contamination from wood dust and exhaust gas. Energy and cost-efficient solution with major ease of servicing.

The Pfannenberg solution.

As a first step, all the switching systems were wet cleaned, both inside and outside. To rule out any repeat soiling, the top-mounted fan combination was replaced by partially recessed εCOOL cooling units (DTI 6301 model).

Special features of the cooling units are:

  • Uniquely high energy-efficiency rating (EER).
  • Significant energy savings / operating cost reduction.
  • Condenser with wide fin spacing for highly effective protection against contaminated ambient air.
  • Large distances between intake and exhaust vents (to eliminate hot spots).
  • Perfect ease of servicing.
  • New service interface for easy retrieval of parameter settings / history (Pfannenberg εCOOL-Plant software necessary).
  • Optional filter can be retrofitted in a few seconds.
  • Energy-saving mode in the Multi Controller integrated as standard.


Use of the new εCOOL DTI 6301 cooling units led to reliable system operation and to the highest possible machine availability. The environmental and cost balance sheet demonstrates considerable reductions with regards to energy costs and CO2 emissions, as well as service and repair times.

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