Black Edition Filterfan

Familiar Pfannenberg quality: The Pfannenberg filterfans® and exhaust filters in black ensure a harmonious machine design.

Colour harmony in industrial cooling

Machine manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware that the value of a product is also strongly influenced visually. When selecting components, they pay attention to a harmonious appearance.

Pfannenberg takes this increased demand into account and offers its filterfans and exhaust filters also in black.

The use of fan grilles in light shades of gray disturbs the optical impression of coloured basic housings. Black fan grilles, on the other hand, create a pleasant contrast and can therefore be perfectly integrated into the overall visual appearance of the machine.

Filterfan- Black Edition

Filterfan RAL 9011 / 230V AC
TypeCut-Out DimensionIPAirflow Rate free-blowingArticle No.
PF 11.00092 x 92 mm5419 m³/h11611101050
PF 22.000125 x 125 mm5460 m³/h11622101050
125 x 125 mm5556 m³/h11622104050
PF 32.000177 x 177 mm5498 m³/h11632101050
177 x 177 mm55100 m³/h11632104050
PF 42.500223 x 223 mm54125 m³/h11642101050
223 x 223 mm55145 m³/h11642104050
PF 43.000223 x 223 mm54223 m³/h11643101050
223 x 223 mm55223 m³/h11643104050
PF 65.000291 x 291 mm54480 m³/h11665102050
PF 65.000 SL291 x 291 mm55505 m³/h11675107050
PF 66.000291 x 291 mm54640 m³/h11666102050
PF 67.000291 x 291 mm54845 m³/h11667102050
291 x 291 mm55925 m³/h11667107050

Exhaust Filter - Black Edition

Exhaust Filter RAL 9011
TypeCut-Out DimensionIPArticle No.
PFA 10.00092 x 92 mm5411710001050
PFA 20.000125 x 125 mm5411720001050
125 x 125 mm5511720004050
PFA 30.000177 x 177 mm5411730001050
177 x 177 mm5511730004050
PFA 40.000223 x 223 mm5411740001050
223 x 223 mm5511740004050
PFA 60.000291 x 291 mm5411760002050
291 x 291 mm5511760007050

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