Full throttle for production security.

The expectations regarding the performance of production lines have increased. Longer life-cycles mean higher requirements for machine and component uptime at the same costs and energy efficiency. We support manufacturers and suppliers along the whole supply chain from the press plant to quality control.

Solutions shaken by nothing.

Manufacturing facilities that produce engines, gearboxes, axles, or shafts are exposed to extreme stresses. Knowing this, we developed components which are designed and constructed for these harsh environments. For example, our air/water heat exchangers which protect the control units of machines from overheating at high ambient temperatures or our compact chillers for the cooling of spindles, engines, hydraulics and lubricants.

All production lines are accompanied by signaling devices which display machine statuses and alert operators about danger. In large plants, this is achieved by our all-round flashing lights from the PMF series and our DS series sounders, which with 110 dB(A), assert themselves even against the loudest milling machine.

Complementary components.

Our air/water heat exchangers from the εCOOL series are the first choice for secure thermal management in the most severe ambient conditions. They have a resistant housing made out of robust sheet steel, resistant to heat and dirt, and are maintenance free.

Our compact chiller from the CC line fits in small space in already restricted production facilities. They offer large tank openings for quick maintenance and a steel housing with thick powder coating for tough industrial environments.