Thermal Management

Protect sensitive high-performance components and cut costs through high energy efficiency and servicing ease. Pfannenberg offers superior products as well as a free software tool for a secure dimensioning of thermal management solutions.

An optimised enclosure thermal management

Providing a proper solution for each Thermal Management challenge; we offer a broad range of products to choose from including Filterfans, Cooling Units, Air to Water and Air to Air Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Heaters, Thermostats and Hygrostats.

Pfannenberg is more than just a product component supplier; we are also your thermal management engineering partner. We have many tools to assist you including our free PSS sizing software, a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) knowledge and climate testing chambers for theoretical or physical proof of your design. Have a specific question or problem - contact us to get support from our applications engineers worldwide.

Global Solutions, Local Support

In addition to our products which are available globally, we are able to provide local products as well. Our worldwide manufacturing and support allows guaranteed solutions and services wherever and whenever you need them. Having local products provides the benefit of reducing costs and delivery times. Need service? We can dispatch a service partner to the machine location anywhere in the world.

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