General Purchasing Terms and Conditions

Together with you, as our suppliers, we would like to build a trusting and reliable partnership. Our terms and conditions of purchase support this.

As a purchasing department of the Pfannenberg Group, we develop reliable partnerships with our suppliers in order to ensure that our supply chain is supplied with materials and services in a way that saves costs and resources. In order to secure our competitiveness in the long term, quality, on-time-delivery and supplier-innovation are key-factors in our relationship.

As our supplier, you are the focus of our activities when it comes to laying the foundation for a future-oriented partnership with our global purchasing network.

Social Responsibility

Sustainability and a common basic understanding of socially responsible corporate management do not come naturally. That is why we as the Pfannenberg Group have to strive for them by implementing specific measures, especially in our purchasing department.

The guideline for sustainable procurement (Code of Conduct) is part of these measures.

You can find the Code of Conduct of ZVEI here.

Packaging regulations

In the table below you can download our current conditions of purchase as well as the packaging regulations for deliveries to the Pfannenberg Group.

Description Language Type Size Download

General Purchasing Terms and Conditions

  • English
pdf 290 KB Download

Shipping and Packaging Regulations for suppliers

  • English
pdf 220 KB Download