Standard Options (come pre-installed on the unit)

Automatic tank fill
Bus communication
Clogged Filter alarm
different RAL colors
Differential Thermostat
Electrical level
Error messages panel
Flow switch fix set point
High ambient up to +50 °C
High pressure pump
High viscosity oil ( ISO VG 46 - 68 )
Hot-gas bypass
Industrial Connector plug
Industrial connectors (1 x power & 1 x alarms)
Internal Flow switch
Internal Hydraulic by-pass
Level package
Low water temp -5 °C
Min -max temperature alarm
Outdoor installation
Phase monitoring
Plinth for palletizing (100mm) - mounted
Power supply
Power supply 460V/3~/60Hz
Remote control off unit (RCU)
Remote control panel
Stainless steel housing
Tank preheater
unit w/o tank, w/ pump
unit w/o tank, w/o pump
Variable speed control
Water cooled condenser
Water filter
Wooden Crate
Other options on request

Standard Accessories (to be ordered separately)

Description RACK PC 2500 CCE EB 2.0 EB Large EB OIL EB XT PWW
Adjustable feet       x     x  
Air filter - aluminium     x x x x    
Air filter - synthetic   x       x  
Alluminium air filter   x           x
External Flow switch x x      
External Hydraulic by-pass x     x       x
Kit Eye bolt x              
Non return valve     x          
Outlet water filter     x x      
Plinth for palletizing (100mm)       x        
Tank drain valve       x        
Water filter   x   x x      
Wheels / Casters x   x x x x  

Pfannenberg Protect (Water/glycol-mixture in different concentrations )

Product Glycol content Quantity Article number
Pfannenberg Protect 20P (PP20P) 20 % Propyleneglycol 20 kg 45783000123
Pfannenberg Protect 30P (PP30P) 30 % Propyleneglycol 20 kg 45783000124
Pfannenberg Protect 50P (PP50P) 50 % Propyleneglycol 20 kg
200 kg
Pfannenberg Protect 20E (PP20E) 20 % Ethyleneglycol 20 kg 45783000125
Pfannenberg Protect 30E (PP30E) 30 % Ethyleneglycol 20 kg 45783000126
Pfannenberg Protect 50E (PP50E) 50 % Ethyleneglycol 20 kg
200 kg