Standard Options

Option Rack CCE EB 2.0 EB Large EB eXTreme EB OIL PWW
Aluminium air filter   x x x x x  
Automatic refill       x x    
Bus communication     x x      
Clogged filter alarm     x x      
Different RAL colours   x x x x x x
Differential temperature control   x x x incl. x  
Electrical level   x x x incl.    
Error messages panel     x x   x  
Eye bolt x incl. x incl.   incl. incl.
Fan speed control   x x x incl. x  
Flow switch x X X X incl. x x
High ambient up to +50 °C       x incl. x  
High pressure pump       x x x  
High voscosity oil (ISO VG 46-68)           x  
Hot gas bypass   x x x x x  
Hydraulic bypass x x x x x x x
Industrial connection plug x x x x   x x
Low water temperature –5 °C     x x      
Outdoor installation       x x    
Pre-heater       c x    
Shut-off valves for feed/return   x          
Water filter   x x x x   x
Wheels / Casters x x x x   x x

Many other options for all units on request.

Pfannenberg Protect

Water/glycol-mixture in different concentrations and for several applications. 


Pfannenberg Protect 20P (PP20P) 20% Propyleneglycol 20 kg 45783000123
Pfannenberg Protect 30P (PP30P) 30% Propyleneglycol 20 kg 45783000124
Pfannenberg Protect 50P (PP50P) 50% Propyleneglycol 20 kg
200 kg
Pfannenberg Protect 20E (PP20E) 20% Ethyleneglycol 20 kg 45783000125
Pfannenberg Protect 30E (PP30E) 30% Ethyleneglycol 20 kg 45783000126
Pfannenberg Protect 50E (PP50E) 50% Ethyleneglycol 20 kg
200 kg


Service case for closed loop systems Article number
Service case
Box incl. pump, pipes, connections, gaskets