Fan heater with thermostat – high performance in small housing

Pfannenberg’s fan heater PFH-T with a high performance-volume-ratio

Hamburg, June 2015. Pfannenberg, the specialist for the thermal management of electrical enclosures, presented its specially developed compact fan heater from the PFH- series for the first time for the SPS IPC Drives last year. Upgrades with a fixed value thermostat were optional for these units. Now, the fan heaters from the series PFH-T are here and these are already equipped with an adjustable thermostat.

Like the whole PFH-series, the new fan heater also takes the increased demand for smaller housings and thus more compact heating solutions into account. They excel due to their high performance-volume-ratio. Their compact design offers customers more flexibility in regard to their mounting position – wall and DIN-rail-mounting is standard, floor mounting is optional – and also to their use in different ambient conditions.

In particular, the robust heaters are also suitable for wind energy plants which are often located in places with extreme environmental fluctuations regarding temperature, humidity or atmospheric composition, such as the desert, in the mountains or near the coast. The manufacturers of wind energy plants that face extremely different environmental conditions as a result of their global focus, also profit from this new development. The temperature settings of the thermostat range from -20 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius. The fan heater series is certified for both the US-American (UL) market and the European one (CE).

The PTC technology is above all significant for the thermal management of electrical enclosures: This ensures that the full heating performance is reached within the shortest amount of time and the formation of condensation is avoided. A finger protection at the inlet and the outlet is integrated as standard in the design of the unit.