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We believe that sharing knowledge enriches everyone in different ways. Surely, you'll find a suitable webinar with us!

Sharing Knowledge

We're all experts in different fields - whether it's thermal management, liquid cooling or signaling technology. We don't want to keep this expertise to ourselves, we want to share it with you instead. We hope to be able to offer you unique value and that you will find in us an advisor in whom you can place your trust.  

Join us to learn how to properly plan the cooling of your machines, what you need to consider when it comes to safe signaling of cranes or which technical solutions in the field of energy storage will soon be standard.  

We are looking forward to engaging in discussion with you on the various topics following each presentation.

Below you can find all scheduled webinars for the year 2022. 14 days before each date at the latest, you will also find here the link where you can register for the webinar.

Our Webinar Schedule

Date / Time Topic Language Focus Presenter
November 2022 Function-monitored Signaling Devices German & English Signaling Technology Mark Egbers
November 2022 Energy efficiency tbd Thermal Management tbd
December 2022 Chiller II Englisch Liquid Cooling Heiko Handke & Andreas Berberich

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