DTS, DTI and DTT cooling unit series.

The DTI and DTS series satisfy all requirements for partially recessed (DTI) and side mounted (DTS) installation for every size of enclosure.

The top mounted cooling units (DTT) offer unique security through the innovative, patented condensate management system and is installable in the most limited of spaces.

Introducing the εCOOL cooling units (DTI/DTS/DTT 6xxx).

Cut-out compatible with εCOOL A/A and A/W heat exchangers.

The standard of the future.

With this product range Pfannenberg is responding to the users’ increasing demands and to the growing climate awareness. The aim in developing the εCOOL series is the largest possible cost efficiency with the best possible performance.

Optimum in energy-efficiency.

The εCOOL series has made an enormous leap in development compared with other tried and tested DTI/DTS units, in particular in energy efficiency.

Especially developed components combined with intelligent electronics of the newest generation reduce the energy consumption by up to 43 %.

In stand-by mode by a further 10 %.