Low temperatures and high humidity are the biggest dangers for electrical enclosures.

Pfannenberg heaters, thermostats and hygrostats prevent condensate build up and therefore protect against corrosion.

As long as under load, heat dissipation from components will prevent any condensation buildup. When there is no longer any heat load due to system downtime, there is a potential danger that components within the cabinet will form condensation. This varies based on the dew point. And this is precisely where the function of the Pfannenberg cabinet heaters, designed as radiant heaters and fan heaters, begins.

With the addition of the FLH-T series, which is a range of fan heaters with an internal thermostat for the regulation of the fan and heater, prevention of condensation in the cabinet is guaranteed. Various performance classes of FLH control cabinet heaters are ideally complemented by thermostats and hygrostats from the FLZ series. Combined, they ensure that the temperature inside the control cabinet is always correct and that the formation of condensation is prevented. Pfannenberg’s heaters, thermostats and hygrostats perfectly complement Pfannenberg’s filterfans, heat exchangers and air conditioner units.