Quality and environmental management


The company conducts its business in the field of electrotechnology for industry and interprets its role as specialist that recognizes its responsibility of providing its customers with a high degree of security and profitability. With reliability and an ongoing process of developing products to an even higher-qualitystate of the art in close liaison with its customers, the company seeks to gain and maintain the confidence of the market.


All our products are manufactured according to the highest of standards. Quality and price reflect the principles of value analysis. We shall make no attempt to compromise quality for the sake of increased sales figures.

Customers will recognize Pfannenberg as a competent partner and make an economies gain from each and every business transaction.


Our continuing corporate viability enjoys priority. We need freedom for a self-determined future. Profitability shall be given priority over expansion. Liquidity shall enjoy priority over profitability.


Pfannenberg recognizes its obligation to protect the environment. Products, manufacturing processes and service reflect this sense of responsibility. The goal is an active, comprehensive and innovative environmental protection. Pfannenberg is striving to improve their environmental achievements by the constant advancement of the management system. We see ourselves obliged to offer our performance with consideration to the relevant laws and regulations of the environment. The legal defaults are regarded thereby as minimum requirements.
Environmental pollutions are already avoided in the run-up as far as possible and/or reduced to a minimum. The use of pollution free and environmentally safe products and procedures is a means of this comprehensive reduction of negative impact on the environment. Appropriate planning takes place already in the development stages. The introduction and advancement of the measures of operational environmental protection are guaranteed by intensive and comprehensive communication between the management, the staff and the public interest. 
In this way, Pfannenberg creates jobs with future security and expects from all its employees personal responsibility for the benefit of the customers, the company and the entire company workforce.