BR 50 Re-energized – More security. More flexibility. Simply clever.

Facelift makes conventional BR 50 signal tower even brighter and more flexible

Pfannenberg has given its classic BR 50 signal tower a facelift, which makes status indication in numerous applications much safer and results in significant cost savings.

Signaling mode now determinable by LED

The slim and considerably brighter signal tower can be combined with up to five modules at any time and is configurable according to individual requirements. The increased light intensity is provided by powerful, replaceable LEDs, which henceforth also determine the signaling mode. Users have the choice between continuous or blinking LEDs in four different colours. They are either to be installed in classic "Fully Coloured" colour modules or alternatively in transparent "Crystal Clear" modules - the possible combinations are numerous.

Easy or Flexi Modules – options for any needs

There are two types of modules available: Easy Modules are available in six different colours with continuous light LEDs already integrated. Flexi Modules are empty modules that are also available in six different colours, but do not yet contain a LED light source. The LED can be ordered separately as a continuous or blinking light and in four different colours.

Flexible configuration for individual requirements

In addition to the combination of Fully Coloured modules and Crystal Clear modules, it is also possible to expand the tower with complementary modules. For example, a coloured flashing light module with Xenon technology or an audible sounder module can be easily added if required. For sensitive applications, a function-monitored LED module, which in the event of a malfunction sends a message to an external safety system, an operating station, or a control centre, can be added. And for those who use an AS-Interface bus system, a separate module with fieldbus connection is available.

Easy assembly and versatile mounting options

A flexible modular system allows simple assembly of the desired BR 50 modules by a bayonet locking system. This means that each individually assembled BR 50 signal tower can be combined or reconfigured in no time at all. Various mounting options allow the use for numerous applications. In addition to direct mounting, it is also possible to mount the tower using a tubular stand with plinth, a tube, or a mounting bracket.

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