Protect series - Robust signaling devices for harsh environments

The signaling devices of the Protect series are the successors to the DS sounder.

Innovation meets robustness

The Protect series marks a significant advancement in signaling technology. Standing for Pfannenberg Range of Toughness & Excellent Coverage Technology, Protect represents a new standard of robustness, thanks to its practically unbreakable
die-cast aluminium housing.

Designed to withstand the toughest industrial and outdoor conditions, the devices are tailored to meet the diverse needs to a wide range of industries and applications, including fire alarm, marine, machine safety, functional safety, Ex/ATEX, and
functional safety in explosive areas.

The Protect series includes a single sounder as well as a sounder/light combination with six different lens colours. The combined devices are optionally available with Xenon or LED* light. Versatile and adaptable, the devices are certified
according to different industrial standards to fit individual needs.

The advantages of all devices at a glance:

  • Excellent robustness – Cast aluminium housing guarantees long lasting use in tough applications 
  • Selectable tone – 80 different tones, 3 additional tones externally selectable
  • Pre- & main alarm – Preventing shock reactions by pre-alarming due to reduced sound pressure level
  • Safe & easy handling – Designed with unlosable seal and screws to significantly shorten wiring and installation times
  • Outstanding perceptibility – Ideal radiation characteristics and high penetration of acoustical obstacles reduce the required number of devices
  • Reduceable sound pressure level – Reduction of sound pressure level up to 30 dB, internally or externally selectable
  • Two-sense alarming – Barrier-free and safe signaling due to 2 technologies (combined devices - audible/visual)
  • Multi-voltage-power supply – Made to connect with different voltages, no need to stock various units
  • High safety standard – Fullfills the ISO7731 requirements

Find out more:

PRO 10 (EN 54-3)*
The PRO 10 sounder is available as an EN 54-3 certified version and is therefore ideal for the use in industrial fire alarm.

PRO 10 (MED/MER)* | PRO L 10 (MED/MER)*
The PRO 10 sounder as well as the PRO L 10 sounder/light combination are available as MED/MER certified versions and can therefore be used in the marine industry.

PRO 10 | PRO X 10 | PRO L 10*
The PRO 10 sounder and the PRO X 10 / PRO L 10* sounder/light combination are excellent for use in the field of machine safety. The combined device is optionally available with Xenon or LED* light.

The PRO 10 SIL sounder is certified for SIL 2/PL d and is used in applications where safety is crucial. The device fulfills functional safety requirements by integrated safety design and diagnosis channel.

PRO 10 3G/3D | PRO L 10 3G/3D*
The sounder PRO 10 3G/3D as well as the sounder/light combination PRO L 10 3G/3D* are explosion proof. They are made for use in potentially explosive areas in zone 2 (3G) and zone 22 (3D).

PRO 10 3G/3D SIL
The PRO 10 3G/3D SIL sounder is not only certified for SIL 2/PL d and fulfilling functional safety requirements by integrated safety design and diagnosis channel, but also explosion proof and suitable for use in potentially explosive areas in zone 2 (3G) and zone 22 (3D).

*Available by end of 2024