A next step towards sustainability with filter mats multipacks

From now on we offer our replacement filter mats not only in packs of 5 but also in packs with up to 750 filtermats.

Today, we can report a further step towards sustainability in the area of filter fans.

Until now, replacement filter mats have been offered only in 5-pack plastic packaging. This is a rational packaging unit for end customers. The installation instructions in paper form are also included in each pack.

For customers such as service companies or maintenance departments of larger end users, a pack of 5 is often not sufficient. That is why we now offer multipacks for larger order quantities which makes it possible to omit individual packages and instruction manuals and thus avoid plastic and paper waste. The instructions manuals are now available to the customer in digital form via the Internet on our product page.

In addition, the new large packaging facilitates the incoming goods inspection, as only the receipt of whole cartons must be registered and no longer the receipt of individual packs of 5.

We are pleased about all customers who take the step towards consistent waste avoidance with us. We are constantly interested in avoiding any kind of waste by understanding the use of our products. Therefore, we are always open to ideas from our customers which can be easily communicated to us via our idea space.