One Fits All – Pfannenberg presents new Multifunctional LED Lights of the PYRA® series

Multicoloured RGB and single-coloured LED lights optionally to be combined with a sounder for industrial applications.

Electrical engineering specialist Pfannenberg expands its product portfolio with the PYRA® LED series. Equipped with modern LED technology, the signaling devices, available as RGB, single and traffic lights, offer flexible and versatile signal options and operating modes for industrial applications in the field of information and warning. The highlight of the series is the RGB version: here it is possible to choose from a wide range of RGB colours and thus to visualise the desired status with just one device. The flexible LED signal lights are used in a wide range of applications, for example in machine and plant operation, in intralogistics and material handling, for status information of machines, rooms and/or areas and for access control.

With the single light PY L-S, the RGB light PY L-S RGB, the traffic light PY L-S-TL/TLA with or without sounder  as well as the audibe-visual combination PA L1, Pfannenberg expands its product portfolio for a wide range of applications.

"In developing this product series, we have placed a strong focus on the very broad range of possible applications," says Volker Matthies, Director Global Product Management Signaling Technology at Pfannenberg. "One Fits All helps our customers to have alwyas the right product at hand without having the stock level unnecessarily increased".

LED technology is characterized above all by its flexibility and durability. In signal technology, however, LED lights offer many other advantages: brightness, light colours and time sequences allow various combinations corresponding to customers needs. Not only the signaling mode, but also the blinking and flashing frequency can be freely selected, allowing the light to be used flexibly for any application: Continuous steady

on light for status information or warnings, flashing light to indicate a continuous warning and the flash light for a higher visibility in case of an alarm.

In addition, the PYRA® LED lights can be flush-mounted. Users benefit from the flat and discreet design of the devices, which can be easily integrated into the existing machine and plant design, while providing full 360° visibility.
A multi-voltage power supply allows connection to almost any supply voltage and guarantees countless application possibilities.

One Fits All – the PYRA® RGB light

A highlight of the PYRA® LED family is the RGB light. An external colour and mode control allows the user to select the signaling mode and colour via external control. With this functionality, different situations can be displayed with only one light, where a conventional signal tower was used in the past. This saves unnecessary stock-keeping and offers maximum flexibility.

Flexible Configuration – the PYRA® LED traffic light

The PYRA® LED traffic light is either already fully assembled or can be combined as desired. The fully assembled PY L-TL traffic light is available either with 2- or 3-stage LED modules in the colours red/green or red/yellow/green.

In the case of an individually composedtraffic light, a pre-assembled base with the desired number of steps forms the basis for the design. Depending on the application, users can then choose between 2, 3 or 4 function modules, i.e. different coloured LED modules and/or a powerful PATROL-PA L1 sounder.

The already known flash/sound combination PA X1 of the PATROL series is thus extended by the LED version PA L1. While the acoustic part has remained unchanged, the optical part now has the same flexibility as the whole PYRA® LED series.

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