Pfannenberg cooperates with G2K in the fight against COVID-19

AI-based data management for access control of production sites and supply chains.

Due to the high risk of infection with COVID-19, production plants are threatened with the failure of entire production lines as well as the destruction of finished products through infection, or simply suspicion. This can quickly lead to enormous economic damage and loss of reputation for society as a whole. An effective method of preventing a breakdown and possible economic damage is secure access control for employees, suppliers and service technicians.

Prevent production downtime safely with COVID-19

The software manufacturer G2K has developed a platform that controls access control by, among other things, thermal camera-based body temperature measurements and algorithm-based analysis of video streams. If a camera or a sensor detects a conspicuousness when an area is entered, such as fever symptoms or the lack of wearing an facial mask, the multicolour LED light from Pfannenberg functions like a traffic light: a red signal indicates that access is denied, whereas a green signal indicates that no abnormalities have been detected and access is granted.

G2K relies on RGB LED light from Pfannenberg

The advantages of an RGB light are obvious: several colours can be displayed by just one device. In addition, the PYRA® LED RGB S not only offers various installation options, but can also be installed quickly and flexibly thanks to cable entries on all sides according to the Plug&Play system. A high IP protection as well as the vandalism safety of the device allow its use in almost every application, but especially in the field of access control. The essential advantage of the Pfannenberg signal transmitter is the  possibility of direct control via the alarm output of the camera, this considerably reduces the number of system components and leads to a cost-efficient solution. Users can choose between different signalling modes and high performance and visibility, even in daylight, is always guaranteed thanks to the ultra-bright LED technology.

Faster, more hygienic and more accurate than manual actions

The underlying technology is a market-ready option to detect, for example, fever symptoms, congestion or the absence of a mouth and nose protector in real time. As a result, access processes are controlled faster, more hygienically and more accurately than with purely manual measures.

Access criteria and measures individually adjustable

Users can individually determine which access criteria are measured or which ones grant or deny access: For example, it is possible to measure fever values, check whether a mouth-nose mask is worn or even set a capacity limit on persons.

In the event of an alarm, efficient and targeted reactions such as refusal of admission in the event of overcrowding can be implemented by means of automated catalogues of measures.

A connection to the HR system is also possible in order to obtain a real-time overview of all relevant key figures and, for example, to trace chains of infection or take certain measures.

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