Continuous excellence for the production process.

Rapid cycle sequences are a major feature in the manufacturing and packaging of food and beverage products. Our specific components and solutions for signaling, alerting and thermal management support the production processes with outstanding performance levels.

Modern and innovative signaling technology.

Signaling technology is faced with a variety of different challenges running from the high operating speeds of different systems, various conveyor belts and production steps, to high background noise levels.Status displays must give a permanent overview of machine and line statuses to optimise response times and minimise expensive downtimes.

Warning lights and alarm devices must signal  hazards, risks and technical faults promptly in  order to ensure system safety and reduce risks.

Against this background, combinations of audible and visual signaling devices reliably provide warn-ings and alarms even when loud conveyor belts are running to capacity. For example, our BR 50 signal tower: modular in construction – it signals the particular conditions and hazardous situations using a continuous light, flashing light, blinking light or sound. Via an AS-i module it can also be integrated into AS-i networks.

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