Aviation: Non-stop safety for airports.

In the Middle East and in Asia mega hubs are developing, particularly in China where airport construction is booming. The number of flights and passengers is increasing globally – coupled with the need for reliable safety technology. For airport builders and operators around the world, we are sought-after as a partner with the specific expertise for a variety of safety-relevant applications.

Perfect processes in the control tower and below.

Maximum operational reliability in airport control centres. Vital recording devices in the control tower are protected against overheating by cooling units. Our products are also used in the sensitive area of luggage inspection. There, εCOOL cooling units provide reliable and energy-efficient cooling for X-ray equipment. We even provide specific solutions for the parking areas outside airports, such as heaters, thermostats and hygrostats, to protect parking ticket dispensers reliably against corrosion.

Visual and audible signaling everywhere.

In all locations within an airport, signaling solutions must be visible and heard in order to be noticed in the event of an alarm. On towers, buildings, and cranes, obstacle warning lights alert aviation – especially planes taking off or landing. In the luggage pickup area, continuous and flashing lights signal the start and operation of the conveyor belts. In the event of a gas or fire alarm, combined signaling devices alert visitors and staff.