LED multifunction light

Multifunction warning or alarm light with most modern and ultra-bright LED technology

  • the warning devices can be implemented in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) up to
    SIL 2/PL d
  • to signal dangerous situations in safety-related application such as process and plant safety, e.g. leaks / gas warning /  high-pressure / overfilling and machine safety, e.g. start-up warning / muting indication / machine stop delay warning
  • with 315 cd flash brightness for large areas and outdoors
  • highly insensitive to vibration with service life exceeding 50,000 hrs
  • 3 different signaling modi selectable:
    • blinking light, highly efficient for permanent warning
    • flashing light, brighter than comparable xenon flashing light
    • rotating beacon effect, without susceptible mechanics
  • extremely low power consumption
  • as standard with inrush current limitation and flexible wide range power supplies
  • automatic brightness adjustment to ambient light (day / night switching) can be activated to prevent glare
  • up to 2 out of 4 quadrants can be switched off, energy-saving and for directional signaling

SIL 2/PL d: All safety technical key data can be found in the manual below in the download area

safety-related applications

protection system

operating temperature

day/night switching

inrush current limitation

EurAsian Conformity

Pfannenberg 3D-Coverage

Size of visual coverage (A x B x C in meter)

Indicate Warning Alert
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The figures shown are mainly for a quick orientation. For an individual and precise interpretation please use Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS).

Technical data

Electrical dataPMF LED-HI-SIL
Rated voltage12/24V DC
Operating range10 - 30 V DC
Current consumptionflash @ 1 Hzmax 300 mA
diagnostic channel35 mA
Alarm contactcontact versionpositively driven contact (1x NC; 1x NO)
switching currentmax. 3 A
switching voltagemax. 250 V AC
max. switching power (AC)750 VA
recommended minimum load50 mW


Description Type Size
Conformity_CE_085506680_Rev02_Feb21_Flashing_Light_PMF-LED-HI-M_SIL.pdf pdf 71 KB Download
Conformity_UKCA_085507043_Rev00_Sep21_Flashing_Light_PMF-LED-HI-M.pdf pdf 40 KB Download
MANUAL PMF-LED-HI-SIL pdf 1.2 MB Download
MANUAL 085501100f_fr-it-ru.pdf pdf 2.0 MB Download
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Product sheet

  • English
pdf 500 KB Download

SIL certificate

  • English
  • German
pdf 360 KB Download

3D-model direct mounting (IGS)

  • English
zip 450 KB Download

3D-model bracket mounting (IGS)

  • English
zip 320 KB Download

3D-model bracket mounting (SAT)

  • English
zip 260 KB Download

3D-model direct mounting (SAT)

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zip 370 KB Download

3D-model bracket mounting (STEP)

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zip 180 KB Download

3D-model direct mounting (STEP)

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zip 240 KB Download

Declaration of conformity

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  • German
pdf 71 KB Download

EAC certificate

  • Russian
pdf 300 KB Download


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zip 1.6 MB Download


Ordering details

Ordering detailsPMF LED-HI-SILdirect mountingbracket mounting
Lens colourRated voltage12/24 V DC
amberArticle number2115463400621154634007
redArticle number2115463500621154635007

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