MED approval for marine equipment

The MED mark of conformity confirms that a product or piece of equipment is approved for use on board EU member state ships and ships of countries which have agreed to apply the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘wheelmark’ or ‘wheel mark’ and also known as M.E.D/MED approval or certification. It provides confirmation that the equipment or product is suitable for marine industry use.

All approved and authorised products are stored in the MarED database which contains information about over 35,000 authorised devices. Products are tested by an independent third party, such as Germanischer Lloyd, for use in the marine environment before being granted an approval certificate.

European Marine Equipment Directive covers the approval of marine equipment

The European Marine Equipment Directive – MED applies to all flags of EU member states. Its purpose is:

  • to enhance safety at sea,
  • to improve the protection of the marine environment, and
  • to facilitate free trade of marine equipment within the European Union while maintaining a common safety level.
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MED Flyer

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MED Certificate

for our PATROL sounders

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