Patrol PA (L) 1-R - the compact 360° solution

Expension of Patrol & PYRA® Series with the reliable audible PA 1-R and combined PA L 1-R device.

Patrol PA (L) 1-R signaling device

The new PA (L) 1-R audible and combined signaling device convinces through its radial coverage which achieves excellent perceptibility in all directions. The design makes the devices ideal for top-mounting on equipment or machines and is therefore used as a single device solution. This helps to indicate or warn the entire surroundings, not just one side.
The device can be equipped with two different multi-voltage power supplies, one operating within the range of 10 - 60 V DC, and the other within the range of 95 - 265 V AC. The combined PA L 1-R device has powerful LEDs, which are also available as a one-fits-all RGB version. Note that as with all products of the Patrol & PYRA® Series, there is also 3D-Coverage data available for every device of the PA (L) 1-R.

Benefits of the PA (L) 1-R:

  • Top-mounted installation - Excellent 360° perceptibility thanks to radial design 
  • Freely selectable tones - Chooce between 70 tones, plus the volume can be reduced
  • Selectable signaling mode - Choose between continuous, blinking, flashing and rotating lights
  • Selectable Colour with the RGB version - One signaling device for all your needs
  • Multi-voltage-power supply of 10-60 V DC and 95-265 V AC

The solutions for many industries and applications
The PA (L) 1-R can be used very flexibly and is particularly suitable for control cabinets, in the intralogistics, for compact machinery, for small battery systems and for the automation/status indication of productions.

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