Service trainings: Practical knowledge for employees.

The security of your plant is not only guaranteed by technology. The fact that your staff are able to have an eye on the processes, having the ability and knowledge to react correctly in time (if needed) is imperative for the smooth running of the plant. Our trainings put your staff in the position to learn the practical knowledge to be able to act accordingly.

Expert tips – directly applied.

How do thermal management circuits work? How do the systems used in the plant work? How can faults be detected and rectified? In our trainings, experienced technicians give answers. Your staff extends their knowledge in the area of cooling technology and learn how to cope with failures in concrete scenarios.

The effect: Your staff can not only recognise failures more quickly, but they also know how to help themselves.

By making the right decisions regarding the repair of faults for the continuation of production, they ensure a more economical and smooth operation of the systems.

We offer you this training on site or at our facility.

As standard, our service training comprises the following:

  • General information on the cooling technology (circuit, components, functional processes).
  • The cooling unit – in direct relationship to the customer application.
  • Commissioning a cooling unit and the customer systems.
  • Fault simulation, fault detection.
  • Fault correction measures during commissioning.
  • Information about establishing contact in event of a fault. Information about the work processes and the document stream in the event of a problem.

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