PY X-MA-10

PYRA® flashing light sounder 101 dB(A) / 10 J
  • safe; an incorrect installation is virtually impossible
  • easy; significantly shorter assembly and installation times
  • economical; largest possible signaling range due to effective Xenon technology
  • installation options with external lugs or internal holes
  • choice of four different flash rates via DIP switch
  • electronic constant current regulation at 24 V AC/DC devices to avoid load fluctuations
  • integrated inrush current limitation and undervoltage detection
  • providing full synchronization on multi-flashing light systems
  • light and sounder can be controlled separately
  • 3D-Coverage - Outstanding coverage area. Achieve maximum effectivness with signaling devices from Pfannenberg. Find out more.

protection system

impact-proof housing


operating temperatur


EurAsian Conformity

UL approved

Pfannenberg 3D-Coverage

Size of visual coverage (A x B x C in meter)

Indicate Warning Alert
To display other values click the CLEAR SELECTION field. Now select the desired lens colors or alarm levels.

The figures shown are mainly for a quick orientation. For an individual and precise interpretation please use Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS).

Technical data

Electrical dataPY X-MA-10
Rated voltage230 V AC115 V AC24 V DC
Rated frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Operating range187–255 V90–135 V10–57 V
Nominal current
160–165 mA250–270 mA540 mA @ 24 V

Further technical information can be found in the Download section on this page.


Description Type Size
Conformity_CE_085506677_Rev06_Mar24_PY X-M.pdf pdf 40 KB Download
Conformity_UKCA_085507030_Rev01_Mar24_PY X-M.pdf pdf 29 KB Download
Quick Guide PY X-M(A)/ -L (A) pdf 560 KB Download
MANUAL PY X-M(A)-05/ -10 pdf 2.4 MB Download
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Product Sheet

  • English
pdf 860 KB Download

3D-Model (IGS)

  • English
zip 1.5 MB Download

3D-Model (SAT)

  • English
zip 1.9 MB Download

3D-Model (STEP)

  • English
zip 1.4 MB Download

Declaration of Conformity

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  • German
pdf 63 KB Download

UL Certificate

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pdf 380 KB Download

EAC Certificate

  • Russian
pdf 300 KB Download

Declaration of performance

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  • German
pdf 1.3 MB Download


Ordering details

Ordering detailshousing redPY X-MA-10
VersionRated voltage230 V AC115 V AC24 V DC
clear lensArticle number215551010002155515100021555811000
yellow lensArticle number215551030002155515300021555813000
amber lensArticle number215551040002155515400021555814000
red lensArticle number215551050002155515500021555815000
Ordering detailshousing greyPY X-MA-10
VersionRated voltage230 V AC115 V AC24 V DC
clear lensArticle number215551010552155515105521555811055
yellow lensArticle number215551030552155515305521555813055
amber lensArticle number215551040552155515405521555814055
red lensArticle number215551050552155515505521555815055

To make the order process easy for you and to ensure a secure delivery, please see the information on the final article numbers.

Article numbers for products with further lens colours and voltages on request.

Options / Accessories

Audio Samples

Description Language Type Size Download


DIN tone 33404-3 Germany (emergency signal) PFEER PTAP

wav 800 KB Download

Slow whoop

fire alarm UK BS5839-1

wav 890 KB Download

Alternating tone

UK BS5839-1 (fire alarm, railway crossing)

wav 1.1 MB Download

Continuous tone


wav 900 KB Download

Continuous tone

wav 960 KB Download

Interrupted tone

wav 890 KB Download

Interrupted tone

wav 960 KB Download

Slow whoop

wav 840 KB Download

Product Benefits

  1. 1

    Flexible mounting options

    Integrated hole template adapts to many common electrical workboxes worldwide. Installs upright on enclosures, downward from ceiling, or vertically on walls.

  2. 2

    Intelligent installation

    Electrical wiring is conducted in the base box to avoid clumsy 3-hand assembly. Wires are safely routed where the potential for pinching and errors are eliminated.

  3. 3

    Independent signalling

    Visual and acoustic signal outputs can be controlled separately.

  4. 4

    Selectable output signals

    On-board selection of 4 different light flash rates and 8 different acoustic alarm tones (tone table on page 108).

  5. 5

    EN 54-23 certified

    Satisfies EU requirements for fire alarm safety.

  6. 6

    Shape-moulded gasket

    Stays in-place and cannot get lost.

  7. 7

    Circuit loading stability

    24 V AC/DC versions incorporate constant current regulators for stable and efficient system operation.

  8. 8

    Inrush current regulator

    Provides electrical protection for control devices such as switching components and relays.

  9. 9

    IP 66 enclosure rating

    Suitable for use in all weather conditions due to the provided protection against driving rain, snow, ice, and dust. Withstands hose-directed spray during wash-down requirements.

  10. 10

    Impact resistant housing and lens

    Achieves IK08 impact rating to endure harsh environments.