Case Study

Signaling solution for Schwebel's baking company

Protecting people & machines – creating a safer and more efficient workplace for large independent family-owned wholesale baker.

Since 1906, families across the United States have been asking for Schwebel's breads by name. Known for their fresh, outstanding taste, and superior quality bread; Schwebel’s has maintained their strong reputation. They have grown into a company proud to serve customers with various bread product lines. Schwebel’s produces more than 700,000 loaves of various breads at their four baking facilities and 30 distribution centers. Schwebel's provides various branded breads to retail and food service customers.


One of the most important aspects within any manufacturing plant is safety measures; protecting machinery and employees. Schwebel’s and Pfannenberg had worked together previously, installing PWS series air/water heat exchangers in their make-up area. Once again, Schwebel’s trusted Pfannenberg to perform a secondary plant survey as part of the Pfannenberg Advantage™. The Pfannenberg Advantage™ is a value proposition that provides recommendations related to machine performance and solution issues. Following the evaluation, it was determined that there were no alerting measures in place for Schwebel’s loaf detection machine. Originally, Schwebel’s would have had an operator inspecting the rejected loaves, but Pfannenberg saw an opportunity to alert the employee when there was a new rejected loaf.

The sonclusion

Schwebel’s decision to install the PA X 1-05 flashing light sounder improved the quality control process; increasing the operational return. Pfannenberg is recognised as a leading manufacturer in the signaling technology sector due to its continuous product development and high quality standards. Implementation of our signaling solutions provides increased awareness for Schwebel’s to each and every rejected loaf of bread. The PA X 1-05 flashing light sounder increases awareness to defective loaf frequency, profit loss, quality measures, and time spent producing such rejected loafs.


Pfannenberg products and solutions are designed to meet high quality requirements and operate in the harshest of conditions. Pfannenberg continues to strengthen its position as a leader in innovative industrial signaling devices with a high demand on quality along with the best value for money. Pfannenberg offers modern industrial alarms with visual and audible notifications to protect personnel and an organization most stringent processes.

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