DTS 8041ES

Cooling units 800 W

DTS: for outer mounting on the door or side

  • robust: steel cover, easily paintable
  • compact design for smaller cabinets or to cool hot spots
  • very high energy efficiency ratio (EER)
  • service friendly due to direct access to the PCB and the fans, thus 80 % shorter repair times
  • optional pre-filter upgradable with aluminium, nonwoven or fluted filter, for the application of the cooling units in different ambient conditions

side mounting (DTS)

protection system

top EER / energy saving

cut-out like A/A | A/W units

tool-less filter mat changing

service friendly
DataDTS 8041ES
Rated voltage ¹ ±10 %AC 50/60 Hz
400 V 2~230 V
Cooling capacity
according to EN 14511
A35/A35800 W
A35/A50880 W
Ambient temperature+15 … +55 °C / +59 … +131 °F
Degrees of protection
according to EN 60529
IP 54towards the electrical enclosure
if used as intended by the manufacturer
IP 34towards the surroundings
if used as intended by the manufacturer
Condensate managementCondensate drain;integrated condensate evaporation system with safety overflow
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Cut-out DTS

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Rated voltage230 VArticle number13047998345
230 V CM*Article number13047998346
400 V 2~Article number13047999345
400 V 2~ CM*Article number13047999346