We have a lot to offer!

Prepare for the future

Pfannenberg pays all employees and trainees fixed monthly amounts for investment in legally recognised savings forms of asset formation. The amount is dependent on the respective type of employment as well as the hours per week of the employee.

Do you travel by bus and train?

At Pfannenberg, employees have the possibility to receive a reduced ticket (Jobticket) from the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV). Those who cannot do without their own car will find free parking on the premises.

Sell us your good ideas

Nobody knows our procedures and processes as well as you. If you have good ideas for improvements, we are looking forward to hearing them. You can also benefit. Submit your suggestions for improvement. If your idea is right for the company, we will reward it with a bonus.

Keep body and soul together

In our canteen we offer daily fresh dishes and a salad bar to choose from. The canteen staff is happy to receive suggestions for the menus. And the coffee is on the house!

Keep on the move

Pfannenberg and its dedicated company sports groups offer you various sports facilities.

Celebrate with us

Celebrations bring people together. From the summer party to the Christmas party, from playing games in the evening to football tournaments with a BBQ, we organise various events. The company-owned association ensures that everyone has a lot of fun.