Air duct system

“Pfannenberg Air Duct” system in combination with top mounted cooling units is designed to serve applications with limited space in the enclosure.

  • Sturdy steel powder coated frame for quick and easy installation
  • Long air tube allows easy delivery of cool air to the very bottom of the electrical anclosure
  • Cooling from bottom to top supports the natural convection
  • Air hose offers very flexible positioning of exhaust
  • The system provides an optimal air distribution in the whole enclosure


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Product page

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3D-model PAD frame for DTT 6101/6201 (STEP)

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zip 2.9 MB Download

3D-model PAD frame for DTT 6301/6401 (STEP)

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3D-model PAD frame for DTT 6601/6801 (STEP)

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Ordering details

ProductSize 1Size 2Size 3
Suitable for top mounting cooling unitsDTT 6101, 6201DTT 6301, 6401DTT 6601, 6801
PAD frame183150000051831500000018315000001
PAD system (air hose and 1 m tube)1x 183150000022x 183150000022x 18315000002
PAD optional tube extension (1 m)1x 183150000042x 183150000042x 18315000004