Explosion proof signaling devices.

As a European manufacture of signaling devices, Pfannenberg follows the International Electrical Code (IEC) for qualifying and identifying equipment that is suitable for use in potentially explosive environments.

This follows and is in accordance with ATEX directives 94/9/EU and 1999/92/EU.

Potentially explosive areas are areas in which there is a risk of explosion due to special circumstances.

The ex-zones are divided into zones according to the probability of the occurrence of an explosive atmosphere.

The determination of the zones is the responsibility of the operator; if necessary permission must be obtained from a supervisory authority such as the trade supervisory board.

Zone 0/20 An explosive atmosphere exists frequently or constantly.
Zone 1/21 An explosive atmosphere occurs occasionally.
Zone 2/22 An explosive atmosphere occurs only rarely and only for a short time.

When installing a system in potentially explosive areas, the selection of suitable equipment also plays a decisive role among other things.

In the foreground here is e.g.:

1. The pure device functionality.

2. The suitability for the ambient and operating conditions that are to be expected.

3. The requirements regarding explosion protection.