Case Study

Milk vending machines: Pfannenberg products help to preserve the freshness and the use of milk.

Thermostats and heaters for a microclimate of vending machines.
Business owners associated with the vending machines are increasingly wonder how to ensure the smooth operation of the machines, installed outside or in rooms without heating. The company A-MOLOKO also faced this question when they decided to launch a network of milk vending machines in Moscow.

To implement the project the company selected standard vending machines that widely used in European countries for the sale of milk. However, they had to adapt the machines for the Russian climatic conditions.

A solution for a microclimate of vending machines.

Milk vending machines are refrigerators with payment system and a camera for empty containers. The milk is stored in the machine 2 °C to 4 °C. The refrigeration compartment has a removable stainless steel tank. Before each filling this tank together with the pump and tubes are subjected to a hygiene treatment. After each milking the milk is cooled to 4 °C, then poured in 100–200 l stainless steel tank. During 4 hours after milked the milk is delivered to the vending machines in special refrigerated vehicles. A temperature inside milk vending machines is also kept at the 2 °C to 4 °C. In order to work outside milk vending machines had to be able to keep their performance at temperatures up to –30 °C, which significantly differs from their nominal temperature. The company MIG-Electro, the contractor of the project, has proposed to equip vending machines with FLZ thermostats and FLH heaters from Pfannenberg.

Heaters FLH heat vending machine.

Heaters FLH with 400 W heating power became an optimal solution for the task. The FLH heaters are equipped with a built-in fan which supports natural convection and provides rapid and uniform distribution heat in the vending machine.

Heater FLH 400

Thermostats FLZ support the right temperature.

FLZ thermostats in combination with FLH heaters perform the task of maintaining a predetermined temperature in vending machines very well. They also provide additional savings of electricity. The reliability of operation of the equipment increases thanks to reducing of heat dissipation and longer life of fans. After equipping with Pfannenberg products, A-MOLOKO vending machines are fully prepared to work in conditions of the Russian winter at temperatures down to –30 °C.

Thermostat FLZ 520

Moscow network of A-MOLOKO milk vending machines is equiped with Pfannenberg climatic products.

A-MOLOKO vending machines offer natural milk from large farms from Dmitrov district, Moscow region. Automated trading process can be performed at temperatures below zero, down to –30 °C. In order to maintain efficient operation the vending machines are equipped with the following Pfannenberg products: heaters series FLH (version with built-in fan or not), thermostats series FLZ. We are proud that our equipment in vending machines allows to save the useful properties of natural milk.

Specialists from MIG Electro company supplied Pfannenberg climatic equipment for A-MOLOKO company, which launched a network of milk vending machines in Moscow.

Facts at a glance.


  • Ensure smooth operation at any temperature of A-MOLOKO milk vending machines, which offer for sale milk on the streets of Moscow.


  • The need to ensure an automated process of trade at negative temperaturesdown to –30 °C.

Technique applied

  • Fan heaters FLH 400.
  • Thermostats FLZ 520.

Success factors

  • 100 % duty cycle.
  • The lower limit of the working temperature range to –40 °C.
  • Large variability of installation positions.
  • Robust bimetal sensor of the temperature control system.
  • Compliance of the technical specifications with the real product.
  • High breaking capacity of contacts in conditions of an unstable voltage.


Thermostats and heaters, produced by Pfannenberg, appeared to be the right choice. Pfannenberg products have allowed our clients to expand the range of applications of its equipment.

Olga Bobrova, Project Manager, MIG Electro.