Effective cost savings with Pfannenberg εCOOL cooling units.

Take a small business with 5 cooling units, which works in two shifts as an example. In comparison to the DTI 6401 with a 2000 W cooling capacity and a comparable unit available on the market.

New advantages of the εCOOL cooling units.

εasy handling: perfect service-friendliness decreases routine costs.

Thought-out solutions for installation and service.

From the cut-out compatibility to the flexible software solutions: Pfannenbergs εCOOL series takes excellent accessibility and simple maintenance into consideration.


εfficient assembly!
The tool-less, quick and patented mounting method reduces process costs considerably. Don‘t just take our word for it! See our video demonstration on YouTube.

εasy mounting.

Pfannenberg offers cooling units with the largest possible cut-out compatibility in order to be able to provide a unit replacement with the least possible installation work. Intelligent mounting systems minimise work during unit installation and replacement.

Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS).

Pfannenberg’s Sizing Software determines your cooling requirements, calculates the necessary cooling capacity and recommends the appropriate equipment components. Thus, you receive a tailor-made solution which gives you the security of a perfect dimensioning and prevents costly overdimensioning.