Case Study

SICIM - Outdoor cabinet cooling in extreme environments.

Paywelders equipped with 4/4X DTS 3081 cooling units.

Paywelder machines at work in a desert environment.

Application requirements

Thousands of SICIM machines, including pipe-layers, paywelders, excavators, bulldozers and drills, are used to perform demanding tasks in the implementation of global projects.

These machines operate under extremely harsh operating conditions, e.g. in deserts or in high mountains and are exposed to daily high temperatures, high humidity, salty environment, sand, etc.

The control cabinets installed on these machines must be effectively cooled and require a temperature control.

The customer

SICIM is a Construction Company established in 1962 and offering all types of services related to the installation of pipelines and relevant ancillary facilities for the transmission and distribution of oil, gas and water on an international basis.

The experience gained as result of operating for the most important international Oil & Gas Companies in all types of logistic, climatic and environmental conditions, has allowed SICIM to continuously modify and perfect all the relevant operating procedures and adapt them to the specific technical and contractual requirements.

The solution.

Due to the need for high reliability in critical outdoors installations, plus compact size to minimize vibrations and fit the small cabinet, SICIM has successfully applied the Pfannenberg 4/4X stainless steel cooling unit DTS 3081, 694 W.

The perfect and reliable functioning and the full satisfaction of the given requirements convinced the customer to standardize the solution on each and every paywelder in its fleet.

Control cabinet and Pfannenberg cooling unit on a SICIM paywelder machine.

Facts at a glance.


  • Outdoor compact cabinet cooling for hars environments.


  • Paywelder machines for oil, gas and water pipes.


  • ~ 70 pcs. DTS 3081 4/4X cooling units in 5 years.

Success factors

  • Efficiency and reliability in harsh environments.
  • Low maintenance.
  • User friendly installation.
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Case Study SICIM

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