DTS 3061/3081

Cooling units 694 W
  • compact design, ideal for small control cabinets and larger control cabinets for the cooling of hot spots
  • particularly suitable for the food industry and outdoor applications
  • NEMA 3R/4 (DTS 3061) unit with powder coated steel cover
  • NEMA 4/4X (DTS 3081) unit with stainless steel cover
  • high protection system IP 56, maintenance-free
  • condenser with 3 mm fin spacing, highly effective protection against strongly contaminated ambient air

side mounting



large distance in /out

Stainless steel

UL approved

EurAsian Conformity

Technical data

DataDTS 3061 (NEMA 3R/4) / DTS 3081 (NEMA 4/4X)
Rated voltage ±10 %AC 50/60 HzAC 60 Hz
230 V115 V
Cooling capacity
according to EN 14511
A35/A35694 W
A35/A50428 W
Ampient temperatureSC+8 … +55 °C (+46 … +131 °F) / +8 … +45 °C (+46 … +113 °F)
LAP–40 … +55 °C (–40 … +131 °F)
Degrees of protection
according to NEMA
3R/4towards the electrical enclosure
if used as intended by the manufacturer

Further technical details and dimensions can be found in the download section on this page under product sheet.


Description Language Type Size Download

Product sheet

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pdf 390 KB Download

Operating manual

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pdf 5.0 MB Download
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pdf 4.9 MB Download

Data sheet 115V

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pdf 360 KB Download

Data sheet 230V

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Data sheet 460V

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pdf 400 KB Download

3D-model DTS 3061 (STEP)

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zip 10 MB Download

3D-model DTS 3061 460V (STEP)

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zip 10 MB Download

3D-model DTS 3081 (STEP)

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3D-model DTS 3081 460V (STEP)

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CE Declaration of Conformity

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pdf 190 KB Download

UL listed certificate

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EAC certificate

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UKCA Declaration of Conformity

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Ordering details

Ordering detailsDTS 3061DTS 3081
TypeRated voltage230 V AC115 V AC230 V AC115 V AC
Thermostat controlArticle number13382341355133823443551338234130013382344300
LAP1Article number13382341375133823443751338234117813382344178

1 LAP (Low Ambient Package): includes 900 W enclosure heater and a thermostat to be placed inside the enclosure

Product Benefits

  1. 1

    Compact design

    Robust cooling unit in compact design for smaller cabinets or to cool hot spots.

  2. 2

    Stainless steel

    In stainless steel model with IP 56 particularly suitable for outdoor applications or for the food and beverage industry.

  3. 3

    Robust design

    using tested and energy efficient components.

  4. 4


    with large fin spacing enables very long maintenance intervals even without additional Nano coating.

  5. 5

    Integrated condensate evaporation

    no puddles of water under the device for increased operation safety.