Maintenance & repair service

Greater operational safety!
Fewer malfunctions and downtimes!
Decreasing energy consumption in the production process!

Lasting only with us!


A trouble-free production process guarantees planning security and saves costs. For this reason, regular maintenance and repairs are the best decision in terms of business management.

Because you secure your investment and extend the life of the device inventory. Ambient temperatures are a crucial factor in production when it comes to trouble-free operation. Protecting your machinery and equipment is our ultimate goal.

Dust, dirt, material residues or oily air from your production process are risk factors that directly affect the lifespan of the installed components. Wear endangers the operational readiness of your machines and systems and entails a not inconsiderable cost risk.

Only regular maintenance ensures maximum operational safety and protects you from unplanned malfunctions.

Our qualified employees offer technical expertise for best results.

Applications where our service can support you


In case of a machine breakdown, you need a service provider who acts fast and understands his trade. Our maintenance service starts even earlier and helps you to avoid breakdowns. After all, you run a business and you must not take any incalculable risk in the production of your customers and in your own business interests.

The Pfannenberg service team is available to assist you with technical expertise and a powerful network. Use the form below or our service number to speak directly with our experts.

We are happy to organize the next use for maintenance.


You do not want to run the risk of a breakdown of your machines and systems due to a lack of maintenance? Ask us for a first discussion with our technical experts. We create your individual maintenance concept.

The appointment takes place in your company on site with our experts. After a tour of your production and your equipment inventory, a sound concept emerges.

Pfannenberg manufactures cooling devices and thermal management solutions itself. For over 60 years, we have been ready for customers around the world. This knowledge of the manufacturer helps you to fully understand not only your machines and systems, but your requirements in the production process.

By the way: We help and service all your devices. Manufacturer independent and from a single source.


You benefit from our maintenance service in many ways. Our trained service technicians come directly to your factory and can always access the latest measurement and control software to check device functions and adjust if necessary.

In addition, we support you with professional equipment cleaning, inspections and other maintenance measures in the optimization of your plants and your production.

Maintenance contracts can also be combined with a warranty extension. Our service employees will work with you to develop a customized model for you.

Other benefits of regular maintenance:

  • You benefit from energy savings: Dirty appliances not only lose cooling power, they also damage your components. They also consume more energy - every day.
  • You reduce the risk of fire in the production process and thus your liability risk: No matter whether wood dust, paper particles or conductive metal dusts are produced in your production process. A spark may be enough to cause a fire.
  • You concentrate on your core competence: On request, we can take over the management of your entire equipment inventory in enclosure climate control and process cooling. In doing so, we have all legal requirements in mind for you as the operator, support you in your documentation requirements and offer you equipment inventory management over the entire service life. Thus, you are always able to provide information to external authorities or in the operational audit.