Open for validation: our test laboratories.

The quality of a product is apparent during its validation process. Our mission is to provide maximum quality; we subject our products to rigorous tests and check them thoroughly for compliance with the appropriate standards. To do so, we use the professional services of our own test laboratories, which we open to use for other companies.

Tested and proven to be efficient.

Many manufacturers use our facilities to test their products, with the main benefit being cost-efficiency. This saves them having to obtain and maintain their own laboratories, while still having access at any time to professional test equipment and the skilled staff to operate it.

The economical route to reliable results.

Together, we develop a precise test plan based on the relevant norms and standards, organize all the necessary tests, and deliver a comprehensive test report at the end. Our laboratories enable you to cost-effectively carry out diverse activities:

  • Test under all relevant environmental conditions.
  • Test functional efficiency and reliability.
  • Test conformity with applicable directives.
  • Test at different temperatures.

Select from extensive test procedures.

We offer concept creation, preparation and execution of:

  • Environmental simulations in the climatic chamber.
  • Thermographic images.
  • Protection system tests (IP protection).
  • Transport and vibration tests.
  • Air quantity and light intensity measurements.
  • EMC tests.
  • Determination of noise emissions.
  • Flow simulation (CFD).

Case study: Product validation.

Client: Technology leader in the manufacturing of laser marking systems.

Challenge: The client has developed a new controller for their laser marking systems, while lacking the resources and equipment to be able to test it for conformity with the necessary design criteria. In particular, checking the IP protection system (IP 54) is crucial to ensure that it does not fail the tests later in the accredited (and costly) test laboratory.

Solution: Together we develop the precise test plan. In accordance with the required norms and standards, tests are performed in our dust chamber (IP 5x), and with the spray arch (IP 4x), and weak points are analysed and improved. Finally, the client has tests performed in an accredited laboratory, with a successful outcome.