Supply voltages for equipment: more than standard.

As a leading global provider of signal technology,we equip our products for use in a wide range of applications, industries and regions. In addition, our signal generators must be set to a range of nominal voltages that go beyond the standard values.

The challenge: a variety of specific nominal voltages.

  • Power plant construction: 110 V or 220 V DC
  • Railway vehicles: 36 V DC, 74 V DC, 110 V DC
  • Aircrafts: 28 V DC
  • Industrial facilities: 24 V AC, 42 V AC
  • Switching gear: 100 V AC
  • Telecommunications: 48 V DC, 60 V DC
  • Crane equipment: 48 V AC
  • Fork lift trucks: 80 V DC
  • Emergency power applications: AC and DC

Pfannenberg has the solution: special voltages in series.

Our products are designed for all common and many specific voltages.

In addition to signal generators for the classic, widespread nominal voltages of 24 V DC, 115 V AC and 230 V AC, we offer solutions for a variety of other DC and AC voltages.

Pfannenberg signal generators are compatible with many specific voltages:

  • Alternating current (AC):
    12 V / 24 V / 42 V / 48 V / 127 V / 240 V
  • Direct current (DC):
    12 V / 28 V / 48 V / 60 V / 80 V / 110 V / 220 V

The universal solution: wide-range power supplies.

Wherever it makes sense from a technical and commercial point of view, we equip our signaling devices with so-called wide-range power supplies. As such, many of our devices already cover large supply voltage ranges (e.g. 10–60 V DC or 90–253 V AC/DC) by default.

Equipping them with wide-range power supplies thus not only increases the availability of signal devices, it also simplifies logistics on the user’s end. The advantage: just a single device type in stock enables them to cover a wide range of applications.