A desert state: Water cooling under extreme conditions.

Application requirement.

Thermal management of the electrical enclosures without any additional heating of the immediate ambient air. A high level of system availability under testing temperature and air humidity conditions.

The Pfannenberg solution.

The concept which is geared to the system’s needs, relies on water cooling. High-grade temperature resistant air/water heat exchangers work independently of ambient air quality and do not generate exhaust air heat. A design perfectly adapted to the application, combines 3 air/water heat exchangers and a chiller to make an optimum system solution.

Special features of the system solution are:

  • Maintenance-free εCOOL air/water heat exchanger, type PWS 6502 and PWS 6102 (+1 °C to +70 °C, protection system up to IP 65).
  • Chiller, type EB 65 WT with the option for an outside location (–20 °C to +40 °C, protection system IP 54).Maximum safety, energy and cost-efficiency.
  • Optimum long-term stability and reliability (maximum MTTF*).
  • Unsurpassed ease of servicing (minimum MTTR**).

*MTTF: Mean Time To Failure
**MTTR: Mean Time To Repair


As a special feature to meet the requirements, a chiller suitable for outdoor installation was selected. Placed outside of the laundry, it supplies the air/water heat exchangers located in the laundry and significantly increases machine availability because of the constant air supply temperature.