100 % reliability for the high-precision industry.

A Swiss industrial enterprise operating globally develops processing centres for the precision boring and milling of high-precision components. For smooth-running operation, perfect thermal management for the control electronics is crucial. The production chambers are designed to take up very little space and have relatively tall electrical enclosures, which fosters the development of partial heat pockets. Thermal management with compact cooling units proved to be unreliable so far because of the problems with condensate.

Application requirement.

Space-saving thermal management solution to keep the manufacturing centre space requirement compact. Very good air circulation to prevent heat pockets. Absolutely reliable protection against condensate and assurance of top-level machine availability – even under difficult environmental conditions.

The Pfannenberg solution.

A revolutionary innovation due to its original and patented condensate management, the DTT series top-mounted cooling units meet the requirement for maximum reliability, minimum space take up, and 100 % protection against condensate.

The top-mounted cooling units provide unique, fourfold condensate protection:

  1. No cold bridge to the electrical enclosure cover.
  2. No overflow of condensate into the electrical enclosure.
  3. No condensate buildup in the airflow.
  4. No air hoses, which are otherwise at risk of condensation.

Further benefits:

  • High-volume air delivery via the integrated nozzles to accelerate cold air movement right down to the bottom of the cabinet.
  • Filter media for any area (contaminated ambient air).
  • Controller with energy-saving mode to maximise energy-efficiency (optional feature).


Switching to the DTT top-mounted cooling units successfully delivered maximum possible machine availability. The units are compatible with all makes of electrical enclosures and are available in 3 sizes and 6 performance levels. As for their cUR approval and versions with 230 V and 400 V voltages, the processing centres can be used around the world.