Customised for the manufacturing industry.

Doors and bumpers are shaped by large presses, robots carry out delicate painting and mounting work – as different as the machines, the work steps and the respective spatial conditions are, so different are the solutions to prevent downtime.

More operating space.

In manufacturing, every square meter of the facility is valuable space. Our DTT top mounted cooling units are perfect for facilities where space is limited and escape routes need to be clear. Thanks to patented condensate management, the DTT series guarantees 100 % protection against condensation and ensures protection of electrical technology.

The proper solution to every requirement.

Assembly and conveyor lines are typically set up in an environment which offers proper airflow. If the use of filterfans is not an option, our air/air heat exchangers from the εCOOL series would be the proper solution. In order to react to the spatial demands, these devices allow side mounting or also partially recessed mounting.

Protecting employees in areas, such as where the presses are located, SIL/PL complaint signaling devises are the solution. When the air is contaminated with solvents, the ATEX models are appropriate. In final inspection instances, our heaters protect the control units against the formation of condensation in the units.

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