Transforming technology for the future.

OEMs know: Looking towards the future, engineering processes will demand new and more technology. What is needed is an overall optimisation – with solutions that combine maximum performance, with environmental friendliness and maximum cost efficiency. Against this outlook, our εCOOL technology sets a new standard.

εCOOL is the most efficient solution.

Thanks to specially developed components and intelligent control electronics, εCOOL cooling units achieve an unmatched Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). In terms of energy costs, this generates annual savings of over 35 %.

The εCOOL series also set records in terms of ease of assembly and maintenance – which leads to more cost benefits. When it comes to system solutions, the combination of εCOOL air/water heat exchangers and chillers would make the best solution.

Security planning for system integrators.

Acting as a link between automotive manufacturers and system integrators, we know what is important in the formation of specific solutions: flexibility and compatibility. This is why our εCOOL cooling units, air/air and air/water heat exchangers, and active cooling units are cut-out designed.

Flexibility at any time.

In the project planning phase, the specific thermal management requirements prevailing at the various production sites and the expected thermal losses of the electronic components are not fully available at this stage. Thanks to the various cooling technologies and performance variants, the εCOOL series offers complete planning freedom so that the ideal unit can be selected.

Our free Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS) supports you at the design and project planning stage. Furthermore, we offer a simple and free link to our product macros for EPLAN and Zuken.

The benefits of εCOOL technology.

Energy and cost efficiency:

  • More than 35 % lower energy costs.
  • Up to 48 % lower CO2 emissions.
  • Up to 80 % shorter service and repair times.


  • Cooling units for side mounting, partially recessed side mounting and top mounting.
  • Robust sheet steel; option for various colours to suit the look of the machines/systems.
  • Matching all designs of electrical enclosures.


  • Increased planning and investment security through cut-out compatibility.
  • 3 cooling technologies: active cooling units, air/ air heat exchangers, air/water heat exchangers.
  • Rapid and cost-effective system adjustment.


  • Integrated condensate management.
  • Long air ducting to eliminate hot spots.
  • Multi-voltage units.