Construction: global safety, local solutions.

Modern towns and cities are high-functioning living and work spaces in which technical solutions facilitate the problem-free running of everyday life. Particularly in public and commercial buildings, our products help to ensure that processes run smoothly and millions of people remain safe.

Reliable day and night.

Our products meet the highest requirements and are suitable for use in a wide range of different areas. Take our visual and audible signaling devices for example. They issue alerts in the event of hazards, fire, burglary, accidents or technical defects and warn people in every part of a building, even in large public areas such as railway stations. Even in the air, our products ensure safety, with lights warning of the obstacles posed by high-rise buildings and bridges, for example.

Intelligent solutions at every turn.

Schools, hospitals, public buildings, office buildings, factories – all of them rely on faultlessly functioning building technology. In all of these, our innovative thermal management solutions protect sensitive control electronics from breakdown.

Particularly in the winter and in damp climates, our heaters and thermostats are essential to protect control systems on gates, roller doors, parking ticket machines and access management systems reliably from the dangers of condensation and thus ensure that many different processes run without malfunction.

Our solutions for making commercial and public buildings safe include:

  • Audible and visual alerting.
  • Fire and gas alarms.
  • Obstacle lights on tall structures.
  • Thermal management for electronic control systems in electrical enclosures.