Crane lighting: safe signaling day and night.

Whether on large scale construction sites or in container terminals: cranes move heavy loads with high precision. To prevent collisions, signal generators are tasked with reliably and unmistakably displaying wind and loads, remote operation as well as movement and overload situations.

The challenge for optical signals: glare hazard at night.

When used on top of as well as on cranes, optical and acoustic signals need to make their way over significant distances. Optical signals present the additional challenge of having to adapt to changing light conditions. Light signals which are clearly visible during bright daytime hours must not blind viewers at night and become a potential hazard.

Pfannenberg has the solution: signal generators which automatically adjust their brightness.

They are resistant to vibrations, dust and water, extremely bright during the day and glare-free at night. With its specially developed signal generators, Pfannenberg offers superior solutions for crane manufacturers, e. g. the Quadro LED-TL signal light.

The robust, bright traffic light meets the requirements of DIN-EN 13000:2004-09 for mobile cranes as well as DIN-EN 14439:2007 for tower cranes and can be equipped with a sensor that enables automatic dimming of the light intensity during night-time operation. Also perfect for equipping container cranes, which are often used around the clock.

Traffic light Quadro LED-TL: IP 66, IK08, UV protection, light intensity >75 cd, can be equipped with light sensor for optimal adaptation to ambient light.

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